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Africa ‘can be the next China’

Africa has the potential to become the next super economy, similar to China.

This is the opinion of senior partner at international growth and consulting firm Frost & Sullivan, Dorman Followwill, who recently delivered the keynote address on “Digital Transformation – The New Strategic Imperative” at the Growth Innovation Leadership (GIL) Africa congress, which took place in Cape Town.

Highlighting the immense amount of opportunities available to businesses operating on the African continent, Followwill said “Africa could become the new China, and may serve as a classic staging ground for new technologies, as we have already seen with mobile communications and mobile payment platforms… Rwanda, with its topography of many hills, for example, may be the perfect staging ground for drones deployed for delivery of various products for companies like Amazon or DHL or Google.”

According to Followwill Africans have embraced mobile communication technologies faster than any other part of the world and the continent is being recognised as the next potential enabler of sustainable economic growth, driving innovation for the developing world.

With reference to the congress’s host city Cape Town, CEO of Wesgro, Tim Harris, pointed out that Cape Town has now become Africa’s largest start-up scene. He engaged the audience with his talk on “Attracting and Retaining International Investments in Africa”. He also said agriculture and asset management industries are leading the way in terms of innovation in Africa.