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When American author Edgar Rice Burroughs first created Tarzan, the fictional feral child raised in the African jungles, he did not specify a country. But it could well have been the jungles of Cameroon and, in fact, when British filmmakers took to “the African jungles” to shoot the critically acclaimed 1984 “Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes” it was to the Korup National Park in western Cameroon they travelled.

But there is, of course, much more to Cameroon than jungles and waterfalls. The Republic of Cameroon is home to more than 200 different linguistic groups with massive cultural as well as geological diversity.

The question is often asked: Where can I visit hidden beaches, volcanic mountains and untouched rainforests with just one visa? Cameroon is the answer. It’s an African country with a continent’s worth of variety. You can travel to multiple countries and explore deserts, highlands and rainforests; get up close with lions and elephants on safari; and stand in awe of Mother Nature by breathtaking waterfalls and at the feet of live volcanoes. In Cameroon you don’t have to country-hop to experience all this.

Experiencing ‘Africa in miniature’ in just a week, from trekking in lush rainforests in Korup National Park to admiring the beauty of desert landscapes in the Rhumsiki region, a week is all you need to tick all the boxes on your African wish list – as well as unwinding on bone-white beaches and soaking up the sensational nightlife in cities like Douala and Yaoundé.

Cameroon is the world’s 53rd-largest country and is home to slightly over 20million people evenly divided between urban and rural living. Douala is the economic capital, Yaoundé the political capital and Garoua an important port city on the Benue River.

The main international airport is the Douala International Airport and a secondary international airport at Yaoundé Nsimalen International Airport.

The currency is the African Franc CFA (currency code XAF), which is short for Coopération Financière en Afrique Centrale, or Financial Cooperation in Central Africa. The exchange rate is pegged at 655.957 to the euro.