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Douala International Airport (Airport code – DLA) is 10km from the city centre; taxis charge CFA 3,000 (€4.60) during the day and CFA 5,000 (€7.60) at night. When flying from Douala an airport tax of CFA 10,000 (€15.25) in cash is levied.


Luxury meets sustainability at the Ibis Hotel (Rue Pierre Loti, Bonanjo district, 33425760, ibis.com, h0839@ accor.com). Somatel Hotel (Rue Akwa-Bali, Bonanjo district, 33436665, somatelhotel.com, contact@ somatelhotel.com) is also a good option.


American Graffitti (Rue Sylvanie, Akwa district, 99669669, graffitidouala.com) serves chicken wings, cheeseburgers and French fries. For sweet and savoury snacks, go to the ARTY Café (Place du Gouvernement, Bonanjo district, 95027462) at Doual’art.


Haggle for handicrafts at Marché de Bonapriso (Rue Njo Njo, Bonapriso district). At the other end of the spectrum is Boulevard Ahmadou Ahidjo in the Akwa district, where high end department stores can be found.


Akwa district is the place to be for some, but other options include flashing neon lights of L’Olympia (Bonanjo district, 74202020), a popular nightclub.


Douala’s Foyer du Marin (33422794) is better known for its reasonably-priced accommodation and hearty restaurant fare than its religious roots. Stay in the clean, simple rooms for around CFA 30.000 (€45.70) per night and laze on a poolside deck overlooking the port while having a German sausage with a large draft beer (CFA 2.500/€3.80 for both).